October Is The Month of JimmyT

First of all and most importantly October contains the most fabulous of holidays, Halloween. Secondly it contains my birthday. Here are the reasons why October is the best month of the year.


OK, well I just mentioned two. Now, I’ve never been one to call much attention to my birthday. As an adult I have never had a party or even gotten together with friends for dinner. I’ve always felt this almost passive-aggressive need to downplay my birthday and then to feel sorry for myself when the day actually comes and the only acknowledgements I get are a lousy sheet cake from my co-workers ( yes, yes It’s nice they remembered…meh), $25 dollar check from my mom and some birthday booty from the hubster. I took cynical delight in watching the faces of dear friends when they realized they had forgotten my birthday.”It’s ok” I would say, knowing they felt a sliver of guilt. In reality they had not forgotten anything, I had just failed to mention it. On purpose.

But NO MORE! As of this year I am coming OUT of the birthday closet and I am dressed to kill. I told my husband a couple of days ago that October was heretofore to be known as:

The 31 Days of JimmyT

And yesterday I got an Asian Spice Reed Diffuser from Pier one from Dan, so it’s working.

Simone and the Asian Spice Reed Diffuser

This year I am celebrating everything October, including me. I adore the chilly fall air, building fires in the fireplace, the sense that the earth is preparing for her rest, and I’m so, ever so, happy that kids are back in school and not wilding around the shopping center where they seem to be all summer long. I love the colors of fall, the clothes and boots and long dark evenings.

And I ADORE Halloween. It really is the best holiday in my book. The “thinning of the veil” between the worlds where the natural and supernatural become seemingly inseparable. I have always been a firm believer in all things supernatural. paranormal and mystical and during this time the energies resonate with me so profoundly that I can feel it in my bones, like a tiny buzzing vibration. Like a bee. A very tiny, devilish bee.

Mr. Bones

I haven’t decided if I want to gather people for the occasion of my birthday. I have a thing about parties. That thing is, I don’t like them. Or at least I’ve convinced myself I don’t like them. I’m not sure which. I used to think I liked them, but looking back I think it was the vodka. I tend to get overwhelmed in large groups and confused.  I get nervous. My upper lip sweats. They can seem like a good idea and then about a week before comes the sense of dread and the scrambling to find reasons to cancel. BUT I love gifts. So there in lies the connundrum.

Please note, that I am NOT including Pumpkin Spice anything in the list of reasons to celebrate October. I just can’t with that.

So I shall meditate and let life unfold. I have outed myself ( My birthday is October 23) and I have alerted my husband that daily gifts would be appreciated. He alerted me that I better alert 30 more people so please share.  Happy October everyone.




9 thoughts on “October Is The Month of JimmyT

  1. OCTOBER IS THE JAM of all JAMS. My birthday is Friday and I’m already celebrating in my mind. I could also get down with this daily presents idea…

    Happy month-long birthday…loving your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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